Hiking Newfoundland – Lookout Trail

Mountain Hike Vacation in Newfoundland

The Mountain Hiker Rating: 8 out of 10

  • Contributor: MGF
  • Time required: 2 – 3 hours
  • Degree of Difficulty: 4 out of 10
  • Height: 1,150 feet (350m)
  • Distance: Approximately 3 mile (5km) round trip
  • Guide Required: NO – The trail is well marked.
L2 (Newfoundland Lookout Trail)
A great natural trail to start…
That’s the peak in the back left – Not too high, but still gave great views







What a great way to spend a morning.  Compared to the Gros Morne Mountain hike, the Lookout Trail was a leisurely stroll.  While the one-way up-hill portion of the trail took less than hour, we probably spent about 3 hours in total at this location, as there is a nice Parks Canada Discovery Centre at the trailhead, and we spent some time inside looking at the exhibits.

L4 (Newfoundland Lookout Trail)
The barren and dry tablelands in the background

L3 (Newfoundland Lookout Trail)





The trail starts with a natural path through a tight forested area, then eventually transitions to an open meadow with some wooden boardwalk and loose gravel sections.  We enjoyed this meandering open trail under the warm summer sun.  Eventually the trail ends at a wooden platform on the top/edge of the hill to enjoy the view.  What a splendid view it is!  Amazing considering that this is not really a tall mountain. From this vantage point we took in the spectacular panoramic views of Gros Morne Mountain, Bonne Bay as well as the barren looking Tablelands.

L5 (Newfoundland Lookout Trail)
A room (or a chair on a platform at least) with a view!
The Discovery Centre and Bonne Bay below


A 225 degree panoramic of Bonne Bay ‘South Arm’ and the surrounding area

We lucked out again and saw a large moose with antlers wandering around while we were soaking in the sun and the sights from the wooden platform at the top of the hill.  The trail back down the hill, loops around a bit, taking a different route from the top part of the trail up.  In summary, we found the Lookout Trail a very pleasant short hike, that provided us with a variety of terrain as well as marvelous views with relatively minimal physical effort required.

A nice rack on this one…
L9 (Newfoundland Lookout Trail)
The pleasant stroll back down…





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