Hiking Newfoundland – Green Garden (The short trail)

Mountain Hike Vacation in Newfoundland

The Mountain Hiker Rating: 7 out of 10

DSCN1315 (Newfoundland Green Garden trail)
Atop the cliff, with a southernly view into the Gulf of St. Lawrence
  • Contributor: MGF
  • Time required: 3 – 5 hours
  • Degree of Difficulty: 4 out of 10
  • Height: 1,000 feet (300m)
  • Distance: Approximately 5.5 miles (9km) round trip
  • Guide Required: NO – The trail is well marked.

We took the “short trail” from the Long Pond trailhead, taking our time, stopping for lunch and we made the round-trip hike in about 4 hours.  There is also an option to start further North-East on Bonne Bay Road near Wallace Brook, however that trail requires a small river crossing and will take an hour or two longer if you do the full loop trail.

This Green Garden Trail hike starts off across a near-desert like environment, and we felt a little strange walking on the sandy, gravel trail, with only a little scrub-like grass here and there between the rocks.  It was barren and open like this for the first half mile (1km) or so with a slight incline, but we eventually came to a wooded area with a nice trail thought the forest.  This trail descended gradually, including sections of wooden/rock stairs, to a rugged coastline cliff peering about 75 feet (23m) above the beach.

Desert-like start to the hike…
DSCN1312 (Newfoundland Green Garden trail)
Entering the forested area of the trail






The trail then followed the coastline cliff-top, providing fabulous views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  Eventually the trail comes to a junction point, where you can travel further north to campsites, or head down to the water.  We chose the latter and descended a long wooden staircase to get to the beach.  After wandering south along the shoreline, exploring coves and seastacks, we came to a creek.  Following the creek inland a few hundred feet brought us to a little rocky waterfall, where we stopped for a bite to eat.

On the rocky shore… A seastack to the left, and a Cove way in the background
Rugged creek with a small rocky waterfall in the background






We returned the way we came, this time ascending stairs from the beach and hiking up-hill through the forest, gaining approximately 1000 feet (300m) in elevation before crossing the short barren stretch and returning to the parking lot.  In summary, the Green Garden Trail is was another awesomely diverse Newfoundland hike that included a barren open area, a forest trail, as well as a sandy/rocky beach and rocky waterfalls.

DSCN1350 (Newfoundland Green Garden trail)
On the hike back – Up some wooden stairs…
DSCN1351 (Newfoundland Green Garden trail)
Crossing back over the barren area






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