Preparing to Hike

The Preparing to Hike section is “coming soon”, and will include information on Diet, Exercise and Hiking Gear… In terms of ‘Recommended Equipment / Gear’…  For now, we suggest you check out a unique hat that keeps you cool while protecting your head, face and eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

The Mountain Hiker - Urban Canairie Hat for Hiking
Hiking in Quebec – An Urban Canairie hat keeping me cool and protected


The Mountain Hiker - Urban Canairie Hat for Hiking
A “Wintery White” hat from Urban Canairie





I’ve worn an Urban Canairie hat on hikes in the Caribbean and North America and I can tell you that it is lightweight and well ventilated.  Even when the sun isn’t beating down on me, it keeps the bugs off my head when I’m bush-whacking, without making my head overheat.  This is the perfect hat for hiking in partial or full sun – It’s so light and airy, that I usually forget that I have it on.  I actually wear my Urban Canairie whenever I’m outside.

For more info checkout Urban Canairie.

In the meantime, please enjoy write-ups and pictures of Hiking in the Caribbean, along with the South-Eastern USA, and Eastern Canada.

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