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This website is being built for people who like up-hill hiking, providing them with information to plan their next (or first) trip.  We are attempting to consolidate information that covers Canada, America and the Caribbean all on a single site!  I share some of my own experiences on this site, however I couldn’t possibly provide enough first-hand knowledge of all the mountainous areas that are relevant to up-hill hiking, so we really need your help in order to provide a comprehensive collection of up-hill hikes, appropriately covering all regions.

If you have hiked mountainous areas in Canada, the USA or the Caribbean, and see that I do not share ‘trail level’ hiking information in that area, We would love to hear from you.

Your Hiking Experiences:

We would love to hear about your favourite up-hill hiking experiences, along with seeing your pictures.

If you’re interested in sharing, please fill in the form below, and we’ll gladly post your contributions on this site as a “featured hike” page, including recognition of you as the contributor.

Our audience will appreciate and value your inputs!

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